How to Use the Web-Based Textbook

Welcome to Introduction to Critical Theory, an open-access textbook written by Alexa Alice JoubinAll educators and students are welcome to use this website. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this website. 

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  • Take advantage of the open-access AI-powered tutor that is trained on the content of Prof. Joubin’s writing.
  • Take advantage of the text-to-speech natural voice reader which can read the content out loud. It provides an additional means to access this website.
  • Click any of the thematic “tiles” on the homepage to access the contents in a non-linear fashion.
  • You may also use the drop-down menu as a more linear “table of contents” to replicate the experience of leafing through a codex book.
  • Don’t know where to start? Try “What is critical theory?” here.
  • How to cite this book?     Alexa Alice Joubin, Introduction to Critical Theory, an open-access interactive textbook, Washington, D.C.: George Washington University, 2024, 

     This website is designed with the principle of equitable redundancy and multimodal access, providing multiple, curated and self-guided, pathways to the contents. 

     You are cordially invited to “roam around” and chart your own path through the lesson units (presented as “tiles”) which are designed to be read in any order. All the units cross-reference one another.

     If you do not understand a particular concept, pause your engagement with the unit and take a look at the tile that explains that concept. You can then return to and continue with the current tile.